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Wed, 20 Apr 2016 08:39:06
Bad Machinery Book 5 out TODAY!

Bad Machinery 5: The Case Of The Fire Inside is in comic shops today, and in bookstores next week! Find your nearest comic shop here.

As ever, you can get hard and softcover versions direct from me via Topatoco! As a special early-bird incentive, the first 100 purchasers get a free copy of my 32-page mini, MORDAWWA, featuring the recent tale of the Queen Of Hell. Act while stocks last! We also have bad Machinery combo packs for cost-conscious purchasers. Something for everyone.


[Note: I don’t currently have any stock in the UK - sorry! But Topatoco have new, much cheaper DHL Tracked shipping options I think you will appreciate.]

Thu, 14 Apr 2016 16:39:01
Giant Days Signing at Orbital Comics

An event of note occurs next week!


I believe all the relevant details are on the poster below, but you can find out more here on Orbital’s website. I talk a pretty good game so I think we’ll have a decent time together. I’ll sign anything you’ve got, and should have the new MORDAWWA books with me too.

Sun, 10 Apr 2016 18:33:50
New readers guide is up

I spent much of this weekend trying to make the poor Scary Go Round site easier to navigate. It has so many bolted-on bits and miniseries that getting around it had become a chore. I’m still tidying up, but it’s a lot better, I think. Most importantly, there’s a new readers’ guide that features a complete timeline at the bottom, showing how all the stories fit together - something I’ve been asked for a lot recently.

Wed, 06 Apr 2016 11:00:31
Giant Days 13 / Volume 2 out today

It’s double Giant Days day today, as issue 13 (featuring a return to Tackleford and several long-unseen characters) and Volume 2 (containing issues 5-8) hit comic shop shelves, and Comixology (if they’re not up yet, they will be later today). I’d like to welcome new Giant Days inker LEGIT LIZ FLEMING, who has freed Max up to draw some some amazing backgrounds in this issue, alongside colourist Whitney Cogar and letterer Jim Campbell. I have no reason not to believe that this is the hardest working team in showbusiness. So head to your local comic shop, or get Giant Days vol 2 on Amazon (UK | US) - you can pre-order now, the book is in regular bookshops next week.

Thank you for continuing to make this series a success, we have some great issues coming up (featuring house-hunting and “the movies”), and each one tells a done-in-one story so there’s never a bad time to jump aboard.

Fri, 25 Mar 2016 14:58:46
Mordawwa concludes/ returns

Today’s episode was the last MORDAWWA, thank you to everyone who told me they enjoyed it. I don’t know when or if we’ll ever revisit this particular setting, but I may well catch a wild hair down the road and check in with these characters again.

Bad Machinery is on hiatus until later in the year while I work on the now-ongoing Giant Days monthly and a number of other projects (mostly unannounced).  But that does not mean no webcomics. There will be brand new comics Monday to Saturday for the next couple of months. I don’t know exactly how long they’ll run for, or exactly what ground they’ll cover, but as always I will endeavour to entertain you. 

I’ll put them up on the Scary Go Round site while they run, but has a permanent archive, its own RSS feed, daily commentary, and a nice responsive mobile-ready layout. Take your pick.

(If you’ve not read, I wrote a bit about the project here.)

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April 23rd 2016 - Giant Days Vol 2 signing and director's commentary, Orbital Comics, London (5.30pm onward)
May 7th 2016 - Free Comic Book Day Kids' Workshop, Gosh! Comics, London (TIME TBC)
November 5th-6th 2016 - Thought Bubble Festival, Royal Armouries, Leeds, UK


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