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HIATUS UPDATE: The break is going to go on for longer than expected, as I am drawing a CURRENTLY MYSTERY BUT NOT THAT HARD TO GUESS project over the next couple of months, out in or around November this year. I have now stockpiled new SGR stories ready for a comeback, but this was an opportunity too fun to pass up. In the meantime, there are still 44 pages of comics with my name on them out every month in the shape of Giant Days and By Night. Sorry for the elongated break - I'll let you know when I'm on my way back.

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Wed, 18 Jul 2018 08:00:39
BY NIGHT issue 2 out today!

Issue 2 of my new series By Night is out today. If issue 1 was a grounded look at two young women who have come back home from university because there was nothing else to do with their lives, issue 2 is the true start of their loopy journeys to a mad pocket universe… and some of the same stuff that was in issue 1. That’s the By Night way. There’s more brilliant art by CHRISTINE LARSEN (pencils & inks) and SARAH STERN (colours), with letters by JIM CAMPBELL.

Get it on Comixology, for Kindle via Amazon, and at your local comic shop. Here’s a six-page preview.

Sun, 15 Jul 2018 20:41:15
The Giant Days 2017 holiday special

If you’re a Comixology user/Comixology Unlimited subscriber, there’s a proper 40-page Shelley Winters story (now at a low low price) you may have missed - the 2017 Holiday Special (drawn by rising star Jenn St-Onge). [It’s also now in the Giant Days: Extra Credit collection.] 


The holiday specials are, by necessity, standalones, and I try to make them distinct from the main series. I wanted to do a story that referenced Esther and Shelley’s friendship, because it was an important part of the final years of the original Scary Go Round. Those two just got along, and Esther wouldn’t be quite the same if she’d never met the Winters sisters.


When you see Shelley in a modern day comic, she always seems a slightly beleaguered version of the character we saw in the pre-Bad Machinery days. My feeling was that she found London a bit overwhelming and it damaged her delicate (mad) equilibrium. Also her job in London was time travelling.
Anyway, Jenn drew a superb Shelley and everything else, I consider this a hidden gem in the old back catalogue.


Wed, 04 Jul 2018 08:22:04
Giant Days 40 out today!

The new issue of Giant Days is out today (July 4th), featuring the return of 1) Ed Gemmell and 2) artist MAX SARIN! Thank you for taking us all the way to 40 issues, a major milestone for an indie book in 2018. 

Get Giant Days 40 in comic shops or on Comixology. It’s a good one!

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