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Tue, 24 Nov 2015 16:17:29
X-Ladies ‘88 Print now available

ITEM! The print I produced for the Orbital Comics “Underneath” exhibition is available in my store until Christmas. 

ITEM! I’ve also added a 6-pack of all three Giant Days minis, THAT and the 2-part Expecting To Fly. Save hot cash! And if you want a Murder She Writes, I have seven copies left before it’s out of print,

Tue, 17 Nov 2015 08:31:28
It’s GIANT DAYS week!

ITEM! Giant Days issue 8 is out tomorrow in comic shops and on Comixology. Tremble as Esther dates a faculty member, Susan falls down a hill, and Daisy tries to keep the show on the road using only a Friday Night Lights DVD box set. Written by me, art by MAX SARIN, colours by WHITNEY COGAR!

ITEM! If you’ve yet to board this bandwagon, the first Giant Days Volume 1 trade paperback (by me and artist LISSA TREIMAN) is in comic shops on Wednesday 18th and in bookstores on Friday 24th. Collecting issues 1-4, it’s extremely cheap and makes an excellent gift. You can even get it on Amazon! CRAZY!!

ITEM! If you’re in London, I’ll be having a launch party for Giant Days on Friday November 20th at Gosh! Comics in Soho. The Facebook event is here - please come along! Otherwise it’s just me visiting a shop where I have been allowed to sit down.

Mon, 02 Nov 2015 20:13:32
Bad Machinery hardcovers!

As promised, I am able to tell you: Bad Machinery book 4 (the Case Of The Lonely One) hardcovers are now available at Topatoco. (If you’re in the UK, I still have a handful left in my store).

Thu, 22 Oct 2015 12:45:13
Bad Machinery volume 4 is out!

This banner week of releases continues with the fourth collection of Bad Machinery from Oni Press. It’s the onion story, enhanced and expanded with many new, onion-based pages. My onioniest tale - by far!



Wed, 21 Oct 2015 09:41:47
Giant Days 7 out today!

I have two books out on October 21st (more of the other later) so I’ll start with the one that seems to require the most speed and agility to secure it, Giant Days! 

This is the first issue featuring the art stylings of MULTI-TALENTED MAX SARIN (WISE WHITNEY COGAR and “BIG” JIM CAMPBELL remain on colours and letters). Lissa Treiman was a towering figure on pencils and inks for the first six issues but I really feel like lightning has struck twice here. You can get Giant Days 7 at your local comic shop or via Comixology (new issues usually go up on Comixology around midday GMT).

We’re all really proud of this issue, I hope you like it too.

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