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Bad Machinery
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About Bad Machinery

Bad Machinery is my new comic. It is son of Scary Go Round in the same way that Scary Go Round was son of Bobbins.

Questions you might ask

Q. Will you be bringing back all my favourite characters from Scary Go Round?
A. Certain characters are just done and will never come back. One or two are part of the new comic, but not central to it. Others might cameo, but Bad Machinery is a different sort of comic about a different generation and I think if I begin to wheel out old familiar faces, it will be a sign that things are going wrong creatively.
Q. How did Erin Winters get out of hell? Why does no one remember her?
A. I made two mini-comics that dealt with this, but they were given away with pre-orders of my last two books. In synopsis: Erin fought her way out of hell because she got bored. And no one remembers her because she ceased to exist when she went there in the first place.

Q. How come there are no Bad Machinery books?
A. Having self published eight collections and numerous smaller books, I want to experiment with traditional publishing to see if I can broaden the audience for my work. This is taking longer than I thought it would but rest assured that there will eventually be Bad Machinery collections. Hopefully not posthumous ones!

Q. What about Shelley Winters? She was the best!
A. After careful reflection, I've decided that I don't want to do any more Shelley stories. I tried to start a couple and it felt like something I was done with. There are plenty already.

Q. Can I still read the Scary Go Round archive?
A. Of course! It's here.

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